Reflector for mac 最新版下载

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Reflector for mac和我们之前介绍的AirServer很类似,它能够将Mac变成AirPlay终端,从而在Mac上显示iOS设备上的屏幕镜像、播放iOS上的视频流、图片等。

Reflector for mac 最新版下载

Version 2.3.0:

High-Resolution Mirroring - Reflector 2 now displays AirPlay-mirrored devices in higher resolution for clearer, crisper mirroring!
Added ability to manually specify the audio ports Reflector 2 normally randomly selects
Added support for smoother rotation animation events
Added a visual notification in the Reflector 2 menu when Reflector Student device(s) are connected
The Reflector 2 menu bar icon now turns orange when a device is connected
Reflector 2 and connected device windows should now appear in screen sharing/video conferencing apps
Device frames now match the orientation of the actual device
Resolved an issue with connecting a device with Onscreen Code enabled
Resolved an issue with iPod touch and some iPhone frames that could sometimes cause overlapping/gaps
Resolved an occasional issue when recording a device in landscape orientation
Resolved an issue that caused iOS 8 devices to lose their frame after playing a video if "Automatic" is not selected
Resolved an occasional crash when Onscreen Code is enabled
Resolved an issue with streaming from AirParrot 2 when Onscreen Code is enabled
Reflector 2 no longer logs Google Cast network traffic when Cast is disabled in Preferences
Miscellaneous bug fixes, stability improvements and performance updates

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